Quality, flexibility and competence

About us

With headquarters in Braga, Portugal, and an industrial factory in Fafe, Beetsteel arises following the needs of the metalworking market, aimed at the management and execution of projects.

Today, it is at the forefront of new technologies, with its offering standing out for its quality and functionality.


In response to an increasingly demanding market, Beetsteel provides a quick and qualified capacity to respond to its customers’ needs, from planning to execution.

Metallic structures
and coatings

Beetsteel specializes in the construction and installation of metallic structures, developing tailor-made solutions for its customers, regardless of the sector in which they operate.


Beetsteel carries out all types of metalwork in steel and stainless steel, always meeting the expectations and needs of its customers.

Urban design

Beetsteel has its own line of elements that make up public space, leets urban design, striving for innovative and bold design.


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